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“There is someone waiting on a list for affordable housing in more than 283,000 households across the country”
- Global News Nov 22, 2019

Are you a Non-Profit, Institution, Employer, Landlord, or Hotel Owner looking for a partner to develop Affordable Housing?

Are you a socially conscious investor or investment group who wants to make a difference while also seeking a better than average return?

Are you a Canadian who seeks to help other Canadians find Affordable Housing?

What if you could do something
about the affordable housing crisis in Canada?

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3H Properties

3H Properties is a partner to non-profits in their commitment to the higher cause of solving the public need for affordable housing.


Our goal is to change the

rental industry for the better.

Long term, we wish to be the leader in developing 100% Affordable Housing in North America.



 a for profit REIT with a social purpose.


3H REIT will be a private, income-producing investment opportunity in Canadian affordable housing, focused on secondary markets with capital appreciation potential. 


The purpose of 3H REIT is to provide its investors with stable monthly returns and provide the financial resources to 3H Properties to manage its current asset portfolio while developing new properties to increase 3H REIT share values.


Construction & Maintenance


3H Properties, through a rigorous RFP process, will oversee the onboarding of all professionals including general contractors, architects and consultants to maintain precise control over costs, quality, and scheduling during the preconstruction, construction and occupancy phases.  Through a similar vetting process, the ongoing property management contract will be awarded to a firm that understands the needs of the affordable housing market.

Why 3H?




Our highly accomplished team, consisting of knowledgeable and experienced industry professionals are dedicated and committed to the higher cause of solving the public need of affordable housing and at the same time providing long term investment opportunities.




3H Properties manages all aspects of affordable housing development by bringing together its key partners in construction and maintenance, with the fundraising capabilities of 3H REIT, to partner with strategic non-profits and institutions for full Turnkey services.




Ready and able to mobilize

across Canada, our head office

is located in Vancouver, BC. With a strategic satellite office located

in Hamilton, ON, our partnerships are Canada-wide.

“In Canada, housing is considered “affordable” if it costs less than 30% of a household’s before-tax income.”

- CMHC website

About 20 per cent of renters spent more than half their income on rent, which housing advocates say puts them at high risk of becoming homeless. 

- Rental Housing Business Magazine

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