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About 3H Properties

Our Vision
To change the affordable housing industry for the better

3H Properties’ commitment is to develop 100% affordable housing into perpetuity in Canada, and at the same time create a long-term investment opportunity though it’s private financial arm, 3H REIT.  


This is accomplished by a flexible partnership between non-profits and 3H, a for-profit developer to seamlessly:

•  develop new affordable housing
•  acquire existing properties, and
•  conduct a conversion
•  lease long-term to our partners


3H Properties Group Inc, incorporates a development company, a private REIT, a construction company and a maintenance company, and consists of full and part-time staff throughout Canada in order to provide our partners full Turnkey solutions. 



• to be 70-80% of market rents
• provide quality safe and secure housing
• align our vision and values with our partners
• deliver value to our stakeholders
• to develop as much affordable housing as possible
• lease long term to partners so name, brand and quality stays with the property
• Upon 25-30 year term ending, we give first right to purchase to non-profits, intensify, keep, or sell to         another non-profit or institution that only owns and develops affordable housing

Did you know?

At least 1.6 million, or 10%, of Canadian households were housing disadvantaged

Source: Murtaza Haider and Stephen Moranis, Haider-Moranis Bulletin, 
Oct 13, 2020

Happy Family

Building for the people who need it most

"Apartment dwellers, persons living alone, renters and visible minorities are more likely to be housing disadvantaged in Canada, according to data released by Statistics Canada in early October, which has identified cohorts whose core housing needs are being increasingly unmet."


Murtaza Haider & Stephen Moranis, Financial Post, Oct 13, 2020

Meet the Team
ALFREDO_074_original copy.jpg

Alfredo Hermano


Alfredo is the visionary behind 3H Properties and 3H REIT, and together with his 20+ years experience in development with his successful construction companies, his passion is to help solve the affordable housing crisis in Canada and at the same time create an investment opportunity.

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Jim Cooke.jpg

Jim Cooke

VP of

Jim brings over thirty years of strategic business development experience to the team and is taking the lead developing relationships with western non-profits. Jim’s forward-thinking approach coupled with his sound analytical, and interpersonal skillsets have fostered the development of long-standing client relationships.

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Bianca Schmitt


Bianca is the driving force behind all MarTech and operational IT decisions of 3H Properties. Experienced in traditional marketing with a focus on CRM, MarTech, and eCommerce, she has worked extensively with Salesforce and other enterprise level systems. Bianca provides the essential link between business objectives, marketing and technology to achieve business growth and retention.

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Kim Matthews


Kim is a creative professional with a diverse background and 10+ years progressive marketing & sales experience – including 5+ years in the construction & development space – Kim has worked on numerous small to international brand campaigns. Infinitely curious, Kim also brings her community-minded spirit and personal passion for volunteering with non-profits to the 3H team.

Kathleen Cruz.jpg
Kathleen Cruz


Kathleen plays a vital role in supporting the team in affordable housing development by researching, analyzing, interpreting and presenting data.
While pursuing her studies in Business Administration - Accounting at Mohawk College, Kathleen also volunteers her time to charities in the Philippines and likes to play her ukelele. 

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