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Investing in 100% Affordable Housing
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Founder's Video
Our Founder's Story

3H Properties founders Alfredo Hermano and Praveen Varshney share why they are passionate about and committed to providing 100% affordable housing, and how developing affordable housing is not only good for the people in the community, but good for business.


Because of Alfredo’s own experience as an immigrant child within a family who relied on community and affordable housing to thrive and succeed in life, his substantive time in the construction industry, and his unique abilities to build teams in a collaborative way,  Alfredo Hermano not only started 3H Properties Group that is focused on 100% Affordable Housing - but is growing what he hopes will be a movement - to change rental housing for the better.

3H Properties - and soon 3H REIT, founder Alfredo Hermano comes to the table with first-hand experience living in affordable housing and relying on community to survive and thrive – he’s lived it.


Coming to Canada in 1979 from a warm climate to the freezing temperatures of Winnipeg Manitoba, Alfredo, his parents and two siblings literally had nothing more than a few dollars in their pockets when they arrived, and they relied on on extended family and their Filipino community to help them get on their feet.

For the first few years, his family of 5 relied on one single minimum wage income for all of  their needs, so subsidized affordable housing was key to their survival.

To this day, Alfredo feels grateful that his family had a safe and stable home that his parents could afford, so that all their basic needs were met. Because this, he was afforded the foundation that allowed him and his siblings to thrive and pursue their dreams.

For Alfredo, that meant studying at BCIT and gaining not only a Diploma in Building Technology, but also a Degree in Construction Management and starting what has now grown to a conglomerate of successful construction related companies. 

Alfredo's experience highlights that when people don't have to live with the insecurity of unaffordable rental housing, fearing that they might lose their home, or not being able to afford both rent and food (i.e. strong foundation where all basic needs are met), then they have the:


▪ freedom to pursue their interests and goals and opportunities
▪ opportunity to live a healthy and fulfilling life, and 
▪ be able to create a bright future for themselves

3H solves the unsustainable fact, according to a 2019 Global News report, that there is "someone waiting on a list for affordable housing in more than 283,000 households across Canada". With so many families like his own in the past who live in challenging situations, and who need a solid foundation of safe, stable and affordable housing in order not only to survive, but thrive – Alfredo wants this company to be a vehicle for creating that foundation for thousands of deserving families across the country.

Alfredo is always open to a conversation and hopes you will join him in his mission to be the leader in developing 100% Affordable Housing in North America.


Praveen's favourite African proverb ~ “Alone you can go fast, together WE can go far…!”

Praveen is personally known as a kind, caring person with a reputation for attention to detail, who places the highest importance on integrity.  He joins Alfredo Hermano as Co-Founder, Advisor and Investor of 3H Properties.


Having been born on the floor of the kitchen of a mud hut in the town of Modinagar up in India, Praveen moved to Vancouver, BC Canada at age 5 with his family and understands the importance of affordable housing.


Growing up in Vancouver and working hard, earning a business degree at The University of BC, Praveen became a CPA at KMPG and subsequently an FCPA, the highest distinction in the accounting profession. Five years into his career, he joined his father and younger brother and became an entrepreneur, starting 5 companies: a diamond mine, a casino company, 2 tech companies and FinTech company, Mogo. He had great success with exits taking them public, and with the capital he and his family formed Varshney Capital Corp


With many accolades and a 30+ year track record of success, Praveen's main focus is ESG social impact investing – doing something good for the planet and for people while still making money. He and his family are quite well-known and respected as one of go-to investors for entrepreneurs in this space. Ventures he's involved with include: Pyfera Growth Capital, Humanitas Smart Planet Fund, Little Kitchen Academy and TUT Trainer.

Praveen is a long time member and past President of the Vancouver chapter of The Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO) and a founding director of the Vancouver chapter of The IndUS Entrepreneurs (TiE).  Mr. Varshney was a 12 year member of the Sauder School of Business Faculty Advisory Board, a former Director of The Vancouver Board of Trade.  He is also a director of the Varshney Family Charitable Foundation, an SVP Vancouver Partner, a Director of The Dali Lama Centre for Peace + Education, a Director of Foundations for Social Change, and a Founding Member of He’s also on the Advisory boards of Room to Read – Vancouver and The Thomas Edison Innovation Foundation in New Jersey, USA.


He is also a past recipient of Business in Vancouver's 40 Under 40 Awards and the 2020 Greater Vancouver Board of Trade Wendy McDonald Diversity Awards Outstanding Mentor recipient.

Praveen makes a difference in how he uses his time and resources in every business deal he does. 3H Properties is no different. He is excited at this venture to develop 100% affordable housing and to work with partners who share this vision.

Alfredo Story
Praveen Story
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