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Our Services

3H Properties, utilizing an owners rep contract, provides full turnkey development solutions for the affordable housing market including new build, acquisition of an existing property and asset management.

Development Services

Construction and Maintenaince

Owner's Representation


Concept, Proforma, Market Analysis, and Business Plan

3H Properties offers all the services that your office will typically undertake to find the appropriate project for your organization.

Our team performs all research, accumulates all pertinent data, creates the necessary proforma and analysis and, in concert with its partner, builds the best business plan for the project to go to market.

Land Acquisition, Financing, Incentives and Program
Applications and Negotiations

3H Properties will work with you to support in the land acquisition and financing based on your organizations individual structure. Our team will also research and negotiate the best possible incentives and programs available for each particular project.

Budgeting, Design, Engineering & Execution Strategy

3H Properties will be involved in all aspects of the development & pre-construction phase, including budgeting, design, engineering, and contractor selection.  During these processes, our team will work on design delivery and address any areas where challenges may arise and where cost savings could be generated. Our goal is to meet or exceed our partners, our future tenants, and our communities expectations on quality and value.

Proactive, Collaborative Owner's Representation and Management

 A good owner’s rep saves their client time, money and a lot of headaches; they are construction management professionals who make decisions on their client’s behalf and in their client’s best interest. At 3H Properties, we typically work with clients who need help navigating the affordable housing industry, or who need extra support to manage their pipeline or increasing the scale of their projects. When you hire us as your owner’s rep, we assume overall responsibility for the organization, management and implementation of your affordable housing project, from concept to the start of construction.

Construction site
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